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Anyone who is/was in the path of Hurricane Floyd's rampaging visit, PLEASE don't, calm & friendly and LOTS OF PATIENCE is a better mode.

Living in Broward County, Florida and just north of Hurricane Andrew's devastation in 8/1992. I was very involved in the post-Andrew relief effort and feel I can give some good advice to those who are letting themselves get in a "freaking out stage" about Floyd & post-Floyd stages of "what to do".

Personally I like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to what I may need for emergency purposes during & after a storm warning / emergency & post-storm.

The links below should be of BIG help to those who need it.

1st download Adobe Acrobat Reader - it's free - much of of the web information you'll need is .pdf files so you'll need Acrobat Reader

When you get to the link scroll down to FREE ACROBAT and follow directions for down loading.
Copy/Paste link into separate browser window OR Click Below:

While you're d/l'ing Acrobat Reader come back here and go to:
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) website for emergency assistance information.

American Red Cross Before/After Hurricane's

NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER / TROPICAL PREDICTION CENTER / Active Storm Advisories for Hurricane Gert and other weather advisories

Hurricane Reports Preparedness / Insurance Information - when "U" get to the site go to the bottom/left of the page and click on your state for local infomation that pertains to you & yours.

HURRICANE CITY - uPdates frequently - I haven't checked out the whole site & links but I can say that received LOTS of attention from MSNBC before & during Hurricane Floyd & what Gert's uP to.

CNN - good links for before & after

AFTER DISASTER - The Water / Fire / Storm Emergency Team is ready to respond to your call for help. Phone #'s and link information for help


LINKS to UNITED WAY BY STATE - not all states are listed at this time BUT the "Right Coast" states ARE listed :)

I will add a few words of CAUTION, CAUTION, CAUTION & MORE CAUTION regarding any company/persons you decide to contract with for repairing your residence. After a disaster unfortunately the "scrubs of the earth" come out of their dirty dungeons and march in along side the people/companies who are sincerely good and there to help. Check out the credentials of anyone who you will be use to do repairs & exchanging currency with.

I'll add more a little later

B safe...B happy :))


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