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Anon, why don't you just log on from now on under "Net Detective" from now on. This way there will be no confusion on whose postings we should Just kidding.

I wonder why you don't just pick a name and join in. You see that people are willing to include you in. Just curious..

I know, I know, your thinking I should get a
Come on...


On 9/17/99 5:55:05 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Rob2...I've gotta be honest
>with you here. I didn't know
>anything at all about the
>string accusing you of being
>"Anonymous" but WEIRDLY
>SO....just this morning I
>mentioned to Gina (while
>talking to her on the phone)
>that YOUR name always seemed
>to be in the line~up when an
>"Anonymous" post came up.
>Now, I don't read any posts
>done by "Anonymous" anymore so
>I couldn't give a flying fig
>WHO writes them....
>...but I think that if it's
>not should
>seriously think about the fact
>that someone out there might
>be trying to frame you. I'm
>hardly ever least
>not on a regular basis...(it's
>a bunch of "hits" and "runs"
>for me) if I noticed the
>pattern with your name in the
>line up and "Anonymous"
>...and "Net Detective" noticed
>it too...
>...then perhaps there's
>something there to be looked
>That (of course) is provided
>that NET DETECTIVE isn't a
>part of all of this in some

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