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On 9/17/99 5:00:40 PM, Anonymous wrote:
>There were 2 anonymous posts
>yesterday from someone who
>signed in as Rob2. Perhaps
>someone is using your computer
>and knows your password.
>Suggest you change your
>password and monitor who uses
>your computer more closely.
>The Net Detective
YO! TND (referring to the above anon post person) I think you're stretching this a little to farrrrrrrrrr - whomever you are aka Net Detective (which I don't necessarily believe) maybe you'd be willing to send me a quick e-mail with a brief explanation of your conclusive convictions about Rob2 doing the posting...NOT TO WORRY I WILL NOT reveal your identity.

I feel strongly if you're going to make accusations defaming another human being in a public forum by name (even by recognized internet nick name) the information your slamming with needs to be shared & possibly verified by/with someone who can be trusted. That person can agree, disagree or dispute your results in private...I think people here know I have received many a "trust e-mail" in the past by other "Anon's" who thought it better to disclose to someone who has established post recognition here and/or explain their "anon" purpose, rather than to be slammed over & over without reason by others post people.

If "U" don't feel comfortable sharing your conclusive info. with me - then consider sending it to the SI Web Webmaster or Admin who may or may not choose to suggest confirmation of your findings.

Anonymous posts in some threads have their place - they can be funny, sometimes sarcastic & silly, often informative, gameful, debatable & a whole lot of other things that don't cause harm - they can also be VERY INJURIOUS and SHOULD NOT be done at the expense another's reputation. When anon posts are used to hurt another by naming them in a "bad frame" on a public access forum.

R "U" REALLY 100% sure or just doing a calculated guess? Think about it please..........


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