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Thanks to (((((ALL))))))) who expressed their concern about our location in the path of Hurricane Floyd.

Truly appreciate your "good thought wishes" and prayers for our safety...WELLLLLLLLLLLL everything "U" did & said worked cause we came through it just fine :))

Gotta say I have the GREATEST family, friends & neighbors a person could ask for...everyone didn't have a NY second thought about rolling uP their sleeves and pitching in to board uP, get supplies & make sure everyone on this block & the next were secure and ready for Floyd's tantrum. The newest neighbors were in total SHOCK seeing how they were automatically included in our helping "family of friends" without a blink. They said they've lived in Florida for several years about 3 towns away and they never met as many people there in 7 years as they did here in a few hours. They said it's nice to know they now live in an area of caring neighbors...nice to hear that :)

Pssssssssstttttttttt we're mostly all NY'ers here and the few that weren't have finally gotten a taste of NY'ers OUTRAGIOUS open and friendliness & humor LOL

YO! DO YA NEED ANY HELP OVER THERE...........DON'T BE SOOOOOOOOOO STUBBORN BY SAYING NO CAUSE I'M NOT BLIND AND CAN SEE YOU'RE STRUGGLING ON THE GROUND CRUNCHED UNDER 5 PIECES OF PLYWOOD AND THOSE NAILS YOU JUST SWALLOWED WEREN'T FROM CHEWING YOUR FINGERS NAILS OFF...ROFLMAO Eventually they DO get it...we're a friendly lot - we just don't carry the knack of expressing ourselves in a "ginger breaded" flowery way type of speakin :)

Thanks Again Everyone For ((((AlL)))) Your Good Thoughts & Prayers

B safe...B happy



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