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On 9/15/99 2:44:35 PM, oldtimer wrote:
>You woke her up>What a laugh as I know she
>sleeps with t.v on and one eye>open and probably both ears.
LOL OT "U" know me well, YEP! crazy hours but need little sleep time to rejuvenate my energy. Finally got a timer for the t.v. so it can sleep too. Both ears have super-sonic hearing they only cat nap a few seconds here & there LOL

I was soooooooooooo tired after the hurricane prep work and anxiety attached to the possibility of Andrew's BIG brother Floyd slamming us that Tuesday night a bunch of us got together and finally decided it was time to relax. We agreed a good Broadway musical would sooth the nerves so we all went to a neighbors house and watched one of my all time favorites The Sound Of Music - it did the trick. Came home, took the dogs for a quick walk, damn it was windy as hell, didn't want to get hit by a flying branch or something like that so it was really I walked in the door my pillow called. Clicked the t.v. on to check the Floyd uPdates and was out like a light in seconds. Next thing I know phone was ringing and it was ~*~Donna~*~ checking uP on me LOL - was really good to hear her voice and truly appreciated the call.

This morning I decided one good turn deserves another soooooooooo I called ~*~Donna~*~ thinking I would wake her up - hellllllllll noooooooo I didn't wake her...she's awake at the crack of dawn and having her 2nd cup of kaWfee ROFL She sounded GREAT and said that from what she heard/viewed SI made it through Floyd in pretty good shape...some minor flooded streets and some basements too - her mothers being one of the but over all things l^oo^ked OK and that's GOOD


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