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Thanks OT - took your advice & prayers...for sure via ESP (even though I didn't get to read this till after Floyd).

Shutters uP, supplies in, gas tank full & cars were stored, dug out the first aide kit & portable battery operated radio/tv, gas grills ready, bought plenty of batteries / flashlights / candles / ice, water for drinking / washing / flushing, emergency exit bag packed, games to pass the time and more phewwwwwwwww what a job.

First family, friends & neighbors all got together, made a "I have, you have, you do, you get" hurricane prep. plan and put it into GREAT cooperation action.

We started about 7 AM on Monday and worked all the way through till about 4 AM Tuesday morning when the last home made plywood shutter went up on a house down the street. WOW! It was a longgggg day.

Everyone really worked hard helping each another. Teens in the area were great, they went to each home on the street and brought in all the patio furniture and outside stuff. While 1/2 the guys went real early in the AM with a small moving van and a pick uP truck to Home Depot. In one trip they were able to get all the plywood for those who needed it and the anchor bolting stuff to make the plywood into window protection (Home Depot was only allowing 10 sheets at a time to a customer so it took a while) The other 1/2 remained and started putting the ready made shutters uP. Woman divided uP the other supply needs and headed out in two's to shop for supplies - each only having to get 1 or 2 items but in large amounts to cover all. Only thing we actually forgot to buy during the day was ice sooooooooooo me and my next door neighbor decided we would wait till after midnight and hope that the ice maker machines were semi-replenished after the mad ice rush during the day...we went to about 10 places YIKES! Ice was all was fuel - good thing we filled uP early...finally we found a small store where the night clerk was just filling bags with the last of what she had, which turned out to be only 5 bags. In comes a guy still in uniform (no not that kind LOL) on his way home from work looking for ice & batteries. My neighbor and I l^oo^k at one another and decide we'll take 2 each and he can have 1 - we then have second thoughts and say "what the hell" give him 2 and we'll just use the other 3 for one big cooler & share it. The fellow couldn't believe we were giving 1 bag, let alone 2 bags of ice when we needed it too...said he had just come from bad experience at HD down the street while trying to get some plywood and figured everyone was in a "it's mine" mood. We all left smiling and that was good.

On the way home we remembered we needed matches so we pulled into a gas station/convenience store - attendant yells over the outside intercom "I HAVE NO GAS, BEEN OUT OF IT SINCE 5 PM LAST NIGHT" we say "we only need some matches" he adds "BUT I HAVE 15 5-PAKS OF ICE IF YOU NEED IT & I'M CLOSING IN 5 MINUNTES" My neighbor and I l^oo^k at one another with amazement and in sinc say "what goes round comes round" and laughed like hell while we payed and loaded uP the 15 5-paks of ice - which was exactly what we were sent out for so all 15 neighboring homes had enough ice for cooler chests (the keep-em-cool kind LOL) - we even had 3 extra bags cause of the one we purchased in the other store. No one, including us, could believe it when we came back with all that ice. When we told them the "ice events" there were more "what goes round comes round" sounds...just like "U" always say OT...I'm now even more convinced it's a truism.

We were all now ready for whatever tantrum Floyd would throw. Sleep was a must...YEH RIGHT!

Within about 5 hours everyone was outside re-checking to see that all was secure and that everyone had what they needed in case Floyd hit hard. TaWK about dragging a** - everyone was so wound but sooooooo tired at the same time and didn't want to I came in the house and made a bunch of ham & egg sandwiches, kaWfee & tea for everyone while other neighbors added melon, fresh Dunkin Donuts & muffins. hehehehehe got them to sit down and take a very needed will do it every time ROFL

This year was wayyyy different than last, in that I was here to greet Floyd and not making "U" crazy while I was watching & worrying & watching & worrying & calling long distance from Hangtown LOL...wondering if everyone was OK back in Florida.

We worked hard, we were ready, we were spared any of Floyd's rage - only got some strong winds during the night and misty rain - I'll take that kind of "dry run" any day for ALL to remain safe. The prep was worth every bit of the effort extended for the security of knowing that we had done the right thing to prepare for Hurricane Floyd even though his visit turned and became just a passing breeze.

Even got a call from The Advance...WHOA! Thank you AJ for remembering post-Andrew and checking uP on us to see if we were prepared for "Boy Floyd" and OK - everyone really appeciated your call :))

Now here we sit waiting to see what spin Gert will do in the atmosphere...hope she twirls herself out to sea and dies a calm quiet death.

Took a few shutters off...only enough to let a little day light in...will probably leave the rest uP & the supplies handy till hurricane season is oVEr - feel safe that way.

HEY! Does n e 1 need some ice before it & my neighbors have plenty to spare LOL


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