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Here's a story from the other side: trying to cross the street legally.

I would get off the train every morning, *try* (operative word) to cross Richmond Terrace to Wall Street, so I could go to school at Staten Island Academy. Same route as to Curtis and McKee students would take from the SIRT.

What really got me was there was a police station on the far (away from the water) side of Wall Street and those guys would just stand there. Did they ever help? Not once. Of course there was no light. That would cost money. And make sense.

We were *not* jaywalking, but trying to cross at a corner.

The one I love from recently is when I got off the bus and again crossed at a corner. Even though it's the law that cars should stop for peds here in CA, who reads the law? So I often cross streets with a large bag, full of _heavy_ books and swing the bag in front and behind me. This sometimes helps to get the attention of a driver.

So one time this dingbat runs into my swinging bag, (remember I'm walking legally across the street) and starts screaming at me that "You hit my car!"

Excuse me, -he- hit *me*! No, I didn't turn around ,just kept on walking. But not on my own street - this guy sounded deranged.


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