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It's the same situation here. I too am sick of it. I'm VERY sick of it....and I'm even more than that...

I'm very afraid of it. Every time a tragedy of some sort occurs people cry and complain and look to the sky for answers. For some weird reason they seem to feel adrift in the sea of life. They're "victims of a haphazard or angry God" they will tell you. What a preposterous reaction. There ARE no answers in the sky. All of the answers are here RIGHT HERE ....RIGHT NOW... on good old Mother Earth....all one has to do is OPEN their eyes to see it.

What our SCHOOLS need is a ~shift~ in perspective. They have to come to the realization that they're really teaching PEOPLE not just subject matter. And least there be any misunderstanding I'm not trying to say that the school system should replace the family. In fact, I think they're way too preoccupied with all of that already...but that's another story for another time.

However, re the "teaching of people" that I spoke of....I'm not trying to JUST point my finger at the High School. Heck no! It all begins in childhood (grammar school)...but....where there is life there is always hope, so, if the grammar school boat happens to float by...there's no reason that the Junior High Schools, and High Schools can't do something to at least TRY to help the situation. NO age is ever "too late".

That's why we had that danged tragedy in Columbine. The parents of the murdered children sit and cry now. The teachers shake their heads in disbelief. The town is still in a state of shock. WHY???? Why is everyone so befuddled? The signals where there all along. That was NOT a situation that happened had been brewing for quite some time.

How many people shed tears for the children that grew up belittled and taunted day by day??? I'll bet you not many...other than their own immediate relatives.

They sure did pay the price for keeping their blinders on though didn't they? They paid a horrible and heafty price.

Sure, school is for "reading, writing and arithmetic"....but it's also a place where children GROW! It's a place where they first learn to exist as a member of a society that is outside of their biological (or immediate) family.

Hurt people~~~>HURT PEOPLE! We are raising brazen and angry children today...because very few adults want to really "hear" them.

My Daughter has actually had "teachers" (pay particular attention to the quotes) that have cursed at the class. This happened as far back as when she was in Junior High. Actually I've heard a few not quite so proper exchanges while I (unknowingly to the faculty) roamed the halls of the grammar school.

She's also had "teachers" that did other mind boggling things. One of them, when complained about and reprimanded by the Assistant Principal for a very SPECIFIC action, actually closed the door after he left and said to the children: AH HA! So we have a "rat fink" in the class!

Can you believe it??? It really is mind boggling.

And...BTW...while the Administration did "try" (at least technically) to do the right thing, this "teacher" is still there and continues the free reign of her improper behavior.

I personally think we should have CAMERAS in the classroom. Not all the time...roaming cameras...alternating cameras. Let's see how many "teachers" REALLY teach when there is a great big bright light shining on them!

Whenever I teach...I have NO PROBLEM with anyone at all either visiting or sitting in on my classroom.

Why do the majority of people have to (literally) be literally SMACKED in the face with something, before they can see it?????

And re the people standing on the double yellow line: Yep! That's another beaut!

No wonder our young people are confused. It seems like the only thing we're consistent about is inconsistency. We make the laws...we just don't enforce them....

...and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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