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To to best of my knowledge..."Jaywalking" is still illegal. Why then, (if anyone can enlighten me) do THOUSANDS of Port Richmond High School students do it daily???

When my son can, he picks my Daughter up from school. More often than not, I go with him. It's nothing short of a LIVING nightmare.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that I've never "jaywalked" myself...and in some places on the Island here if you don't jaywalk you'll either never get across the street or grow old while waiting, but good grief, if you're going to "break" a rule I would think that the occasions would be few in number and done with a GREAT DEAL of caution.

The dismissal situation for Port Richmond High School falls short in both of those categories. It's absolutely horrific. Not only is it an embaressment for the Island (or at least it should be) but it's a DANGER waiting to happen.

My Daughter is a sophomore there this year, so this is the SECOND year we get to experience what my son refers to as the "HELL HOLE"! I hate to say it, but his words are so very very accurate. My heart is in my throat every time we go to pick her up.

If perchance you don't believe me.....just be there at 2:45 PM when the children get out. You'll see it...and experience it...with your own eyes.

Unfortunately, I've been a victim of this scenario more times than I'd like to count. Not only do they flood the streets like they owned them....but they also seem to have some sort of death wish because AS YOU'RE DRIVING down the street (for the most part it's almost a CRAWL)...tons of them just pop UP and (when you're lucky) OUT in front of your car! It's the scariest thing you can fathom.

Two days ago a group of children passed in front of our car and unbeknownst to us, one of them bent down to tie her shoe or something while the rest of the crowd kept moving to the other side of the street. We had no way of knowing that she was there. She was out of the range of visibility. We came *this close* to plowing right over her. It was only by the Grace of God that she popped her head up at the exact same moment my son's foot went for the gas peddle. Luckily he was able to refrain (IN TIME) from pressing on it. If he had tried to pull up even a split second sooner there would/could have been a tragedy there.

Sooooo If any of you in "power" are out there....WAKE UP PRHS!!!! WAKE UP before a tragedy happens.

I'm using THIS post (with it's date and time) as a marker to say: I've told you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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