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Oh My! Anonymous.....Yikes! I'm kind of in a state of SHOCK after reading your post! I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings but I'm also wondering if this isn't just another ploy. I'm sorry If I'm incorrect in my suspicions. I pray I'm incorrect.

o.k.! I'll tell you what. Like I said, this could easily be another poke at all of us here, but if so, I would rather err on the the side of decency and caring than this is what I personally say to you....

As far as I'm concerned you are forgiven. I do feel badly for those that you were a bit mean to...but I think they will survive...and after did apologize! *S* As you've no doubt noticed, when you say something nasty now....we all just ignore you. This Web Site is called: Staten Island The Gathering. That means that it Gathers EVERYONE who feels a connection to Staten Island. That doesn't mean that posters have to have any other "credentials". You sound like you really want to be a part of it why don't you just join in the fun.

We don't care whether you have no High School diploma or 55 College degrees. It makes no difference to any of us. All we see ...all we {{{feel}}} the ~Spirit~ of the person who wrote the post.

If you say nice or funny or interesting things...the other posters will respond to you in the same way.

If you really didn't finish school like you said, and now you want to....I say GO FOR IT and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! There are many ways that you can go about it all. If you don't know how to approach it and want to...let me know and I will get WHATEVER information you need to reach your goal.

If you really want to be part of the Gathering here....then just go for that too. I do have a bit of advice on that score though. If I were you...I would personally change the name. I'd want the "new" me to have a whole "new" beginning.

"New" people come here everyday. If you chose a name for yourself...and stuck to your promise not to bad mouth anyone....I'm sure that no one would know who it was. No one would ever care who you use to be. We all grow and change as life progresses. That's what life is all about!!! Besides which, there are more posters than just YOU posting with the "Anonymous" nick.

You also said: "Please consider forgiving my weaknesses should I ever fall off the wagon and open my stupid mouth again." I say: Don't insult yourself!!! If you don't WANT to fall off the wagon won't! might want to identify exactly what it is that made you WANT to be a bit...ahhhhh...unkind to the people here. If it was the education thing...forget about it! Like I more or less said before.....all that matters ...all that ~shows~ up what's in your ~*Heart and Soul*~. That's all that ever counts really! *S*

So!!! I personally ~wave~ Goodbye to the old you....and ~wave~ HELLO to the NEW you! *S* Whether you keep the "Anonymous" nickname or not doesn't really matter. I can't speak for everyone else, but I will ALWAYS respond to someone genuine....and respectful! ALWAYS!

Love, Light~* & GOOD LUCK on your new PLANS!

I also applaud your BRAVERY in apologizing!!!!

LOVE YOURSELF....LOVE OTHERS....and you will BE LOVED!!!!!

I now end my post by sending you ~Spiritual~ {{{{HUGS}}}} through Time and Space! *S*

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