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Many Americans cannot afford health care, ... - L. Bowman; Fresno Bee - 2 Sep.

25% working-aged Americans either do not have a prescription filled, failed to get a recommended test/treatment, or failed to see a doctor when they needed to ... because they could not afford it, ...

Even as the country enjoys the best economy in 3 decades, 20% working-aged adults lack health insurance, a proportion that rises to nearly 33% among those earning less than $35,000/yr. 7% ... with incomes above $35,000 or more were uninsured. Most of the uninsured were either working or married to a full-time worker.

... an estimated 43,000,000 Americans of all ages lack health coverage, a number that ... could rise to more than 54,000,000 by 2007 .

... "We have to recognize that our system of providing health insurance often does not work well for millions of Americans" ...

"We need to look for solutions that can enhance opportunities for working men & women to lead healthy, productive lives."

... 40% of workers with incomes of less than $20,000 either were not offered a plan through their work place or were not eligible to participate.

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