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Don't panic, by next season the bugs will be back!

The bugs, they crossa da bridge, too!


On 9/15/99 3:05:43 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Uh....Nope! I don't really
>care. At least I don't really
>care enough to stop the
>spraying if we are really in
>jeopardy of getting
>I never like to "kill"
>anything....but I certainly
>don't want to die from
>Encephalitis either....nor do
>I want those I love to be in
>danger of getting it.
>Yes, vegetables and fruits do
>have their place on the ladder
>of life, but if there are no
>...they wouldn't really need
>any "vegetables" and "fruits".
>Would they?
>You're certainly entitled to
>your opinion, but personally I
>think PEOPLE and their
>immediate well being come

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