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There is a kite festival over at Liberty State Park this weekend. Liberty State Park is in New Jersey. The back side of the Statue of Liberty. It is about a 20 minute drive from Staten Island. Any one interested in checking it out?
(If Floyed hangs off the coast things could get very interesting)

Saturday, September 18,
8:00 am Setup
8:30 am Preflight Meetings
9:00 am Experienced Individual Ballet
Intermediate Individual Precision
10:00 am Kite Show commences
11:00 am Masters Pairs Ballet
Masters Individual Precision
12:00 PM Experienced Team Ballet
12:30 PM Masters Team Ballet
1:30 PM Masters Individual Quadline
2:00 PM Fighter Kite Competition
2:30 PM Open Pairs Precision
3:00 PM Intermediate Individual Ballet
4:00 PM Awards

Sunday, September 19,
8:30 am Preflight meetings
9:00 am Novice Individual Ballet
Experienced Individual Precision
10:00 am Kite Show begins
10:30 am Masters Individual Ballet
11:00 am Masters Team Precision
12:00 PM Experienced Team Precision
12:30 PM Experienced Pairs Ballet
1:00 PM Intermediate Pairs Ballet
1:30 PM Novice Individual Precision
Open Team Train
2:00 PM Experienced Individual Quadline
2:30 PM Intermediate Individual Quadline
3:00 PM Awards + Eastern League Awards

Schedule subject to change!

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