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Many young workers feel economic boom hasn't reached them - A. Love; Fresno Bee - 1 Sep.

Despite the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 3 decades, many young workers feel they're missing out on the nation's prosperity because their jobs fall short in pay, benefits & chances for advancement ...

"They see today's jobs as failing to meet the most basic needs: health care, retirement security & time spent with family," ...

Among those 18 - 34, 45% rated the economy as excellent or good, compared with 58% of those older than 35.

More than 90% of younger workers said they belive large corporations, top management & stockholders are doing well. But 42% said the economic situation facing their own families is "just fair," "not so good" or "poor."

Even though its easier to find work than at any time since the 1960s, 55% of young workers said the new jobs available are mostly lower-paying.

58% said employers are falling short when it comes to sharing profits with employees. 55% said companies aren't doing enough to provide family-friendly work places.

Only 25% said they are covered by an employer-sponsored health plan or a retirement plan their company contributes to, compared to 60% of older workers.

It's not that most young workers expect to advance without paying some dues ...

Among those 18 - 24, 62% said they that with education & hard work a person can do well & get ahead. ... that drops to 52% by the time workers reach their early 30s.

..."They need & rely on us, but they clearly don't appreciate us."

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