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Fuzzy, in a question-asking mode, sent me a quiz.

Well, I never had a home TV set until I was much beyond high school age. And although I'm not yet an ancient of days, I AM 63, so you've got to bear that in mind. Those things being understood, here goes:

1. The first TV station I remember looking at was probably in Boston. Maybe WGBH?

2. The earliest radio shows I remember, I guess, were Dr. I.Q., Truth or Consequences, The Shadow, Fred Allen (which I never really understood), Maxwell House Coffee Time (with Fanny Brice as Snooks and Hanley Stafford as Daddy, and also with Frank Morgan, the singer John Conti, and the Meredith Willson orchestra), and of course Charlie McCarthy, sponsored by Chase and Sanborn, with the Ray Noble orchestra.

3. If there were no programs being broadcast at a particular hour of the day, I seem to remember looking at a sort of target. But no, I didn't spend much time looking at it.

4. The first color TV show I remember was an NFL game. Blew me away. But I have no idea who was playing.

5. I don't think I remember the acetate sheets with green bottoms. I do remember the big magnifying glasses; round, usually, I think.

6. "Less Work for Mother" means nothing at all to me.

7. Captain Video, Sky King, and Howdy Doody mean almost nothing at all to me, except that I know them as titles. Never saw any of them, as far as I can recall.

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