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Sipoet...*LOL* That IS too funny! And you're absolutely right. Suppressing Church laughs ARE tough. They're very tough. *LOL* They're especially tough when you're laughing about things you're not suppose to be laughing about in Church to start with...but that's another kind of story for another time! *LOL*

There is this one sort of generic Church story I have though.

Here goes:

For the most part, the folk group that I mentioned is (and always has been) composed of adults and young adults. I've been in it for years though and I will admit that at times the group does change. To make a long story short, at one point in time we had a few children in it that were significantly younger than the usual folk group singers. After all, you couldn't exactly exclude anyone in Church! Could you? (At least not overtly! *LOL*) Anyway, these children were so young that they were into those Tamagochi(sp?) things. You know the things I mean! Right? You have to electronically feed them, put them to bed, change them, etc etc etc. For those that might not know what they are and how they work an electronic BEEP let's you know that it's "time" to attend to one of their needs.

Well anyway, here it is...Sunday. Our "big" day! We're all in Church....KIDS included....Tamogachi's included. In fact, the kids had oodles of those darned things. They had them hanging off of prayer books, key chains, under their chairs, on the kneelers, you name it....we had Tomagachi's on it. NATURALLY, as I'm sure you could guess, we're all microphoned up to wazoo too! Well, wouldn't you know that Murphy's Law goes right into effect when one of the kids danged things goes off with a loud BEEP BEEP BEEP...while all of the kids are off in the bathroom together! *LOL* All of the adults were scrambling around trying to shut it off, when lo and behold...THERE GOES ANOTHER ONE beep beep beeping....and then another one.....and then another one! SHOOT! It was a living nightmare! *LOL* We were just ready to kill the little suckers when the kids came back from the bathroom!!!!

Even after the kids set it to start a new life or something (I guess that would be a form of reincarnation *LOL*)...we still couldn't stop giggling!

I tried really hard to make my face look normal...but my body was chuckling like crazy and WHOA....there is nothing worse than that BRIGHT RED FACE that accompanies embaressment. *LOL*

I have a school story too, but I think I'll put that in the Embaressing Moments string. *S*

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