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I can't imagine how funny that was! Suppressing church laughs are the worst. Well, maybe . . . Last semester I was in a small doctoral seminar studying T.S. Eliot and something struck me so funny that I burst into laughter, but I tried to stop myself at the same time so it kind of looked like I was choking or barfing or something. (I think this one belongs on the most embarrassing moments board.) The professor, a stodgy, distinguished, Eliot scholar, was not amused. I couldn't look at the people who were facing me because every time I did, they winced to see my pain in the suppression of my laughter. This made me laugh all the more. I just kept saying the Act of Contrition over and over again, but I was forced to contribute to the discussion in the seminar, so I had to stop. I was in agony for two hours! I got an A- in the seminar, which the professor begrudgingly bestowed upon me.

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