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If you really want a chuckle you should experience the delivery "LIVE"! I'm not kidding. It happened in my church and only a couple of months ago with #3) (Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our church and community.)

As you may or may not know, in the Catholic Church there is a part of the Mass where they always say: Pray for the sick of the parish and right after that they say Pray for the deceased of the parish. It's said by a "Lecturer".

Well, this was really embaressing because I basically sit facing the people because I'm in the folk group, so there isn't much I can do without being seen. I try really hard not to draw attention to myself but GOOD LORD sometimes you just can't help it.

A month or so ago the group is sitting there and the lecturer begins to say that "Praying" part, and even though (mentally speaking) I was FAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR off somewhere else, part of me must have still been there because as clear as a bell I heard her pop out with "And let us please pray for those that are sick of the parish". Without skipping a beat I leaned over to the girl that sits/sings next to me and said: I hope she's kidding! I don't have that much energy! *ROTFLOL*

Naturally, she meant "those in the parish that are sick" but she totally screwed up. BIG TIME! (She seemed to be having a bad day all the way around. LOL)

Well anyway, my friend heard it too, and she and I laughed so hard that I thought I was going to need a respirator! *LOL*

I tried, but it's not easy suppressing a laugh. *S*

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