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I don't think I have read that one. Hmmm. I did read several Bruce Goldburg and one by Cayce.

Actually, I did a thesis on near death experiences and learned a lot (aced my class, btw).


On 9/13/99 6:50:50 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Very interesting answer mikes.
>I don't believe I've EVER
>heard that one before. *S* I
>suppose you're talking about
>missed opportunities and
>regrettable actions and that
>sort of thing. Yes? Heck!
>We all have them. As you
>know, hindsight is always
>20/20, so don't be too hard on
>yourself no matter what it is
>that you're reflecting back
>on. You wouldn't be the
>person you are today, if you
>didn't have the past that you
>had. None of us would be the
>people we are today without
>whatever past we had. As
>painful as certain parts were
>(and we all know that some of
>them were)....they helped us
>And, if you're ever THAT
>curious, there's always
>regression therapy! *S* And,
>on that note, I'll just pass
>along that there have actually
>been a number of books written
>in that vein!
>Just to let you know, one
>mighty terrific example of
>that is: "Many Lives, Many
>Masters" by Brian L. Weiss
>M.D. The author is a
>Psychiatrist who not only
>tells the fascinating tale of
>what he un~covered during
>regression sessions with a
>patient, but the second hand
>carry~over into his own life.
>It totally turned his Universe
>upside down.
>It's truly is a GREAT read.

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