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When the lighter tied up at Port Ivory, OT thanked her father and told him she would soon be in touch. She made her way back to Richmond Town and the Richmond County Jail. The place was surrounded by green and white police cars from the 120th precinct!

It was 6 O'clock in the evening and luckily OT had held on to a bag of stale crumb buns from Holtermann's, so the jailer assumed she was returning from her work release job for the evening lockup...not realizing that she had been gone for over 24hours!

The jailer wasn't paying strict attention to OT's absence, because Charlton Hairsuit and Willie Sutton had escaped! Here's what happened:

Charlton and Willie had been digging a tunnel under the toilet in their cell for the last 6months. To dispose of the dirt, they helped the Greenman with the jail's landscaping in the morning. The Greenman's wheelbarrow was used to dump the tailings behind the shrubs and went undetected.

The tunnel went down 12 feet and then connected to the sewer line, went diagonally under the street and surfaced in the graveyard of St. Andrew's church. Charlton and Willie knew that merely getting into the graveyard would not ensure their escape...they needed a getaway vehicle.

Willie had hoped to carve a false gun out of the bar of Ivory soap that OT was supposed to bring and by coating it with black shoe polish, steal a car from one of the historical researchers who were always snooping around St. Andrews.

When OT didn't show up, an alternate plan sprang spontaneously into action: looking out the cell window, they saw rs ride up on an Indian motorcycle...Willie asked Charlton if he could handle a motorcycle...Charlton said he'd only ever ridden Harleys, but always wanted to try an Indian...they were the only US made bike that was more of a classic than a Harley.
When rs went into to visit his gypsy client, the two desperados removed the toilet, dropped down the shaft and went through the tunnel-sewer connection until they surfaced in St. Andrew's graveyard. Charlton made for the cemetery wall and then looked back to find Willie dawdling by a gravestone. "Lookit this!....Ichabod Crane!....I thought he was buried in Port Richmond!" exclaimed Willie. "Never mind that for now...let's get to the jail's parking lot and grab that cycle." said Charlton.

They made it to the motorcycle and Charlton got it started. They went around the back of the church and then cross-country through fairy-land until they wound up in back of the first green at LaTourette golf course. "Well, where do we go from here?" asked Charlton.

"There's a dirt road alongside the first fairway...take it towards Lighthouse hill and then maybe we can get in the back of the farm colony." said Willie Sutton. They proceeded up the road until they were within 100 yards of the first tee...and were shocked to find a green and white 120th precinct cruiser parked there facing towards the tee. "Sh*t! what?" asked Charlton.
"Not to worry!" said Willie..."Those bulls park there so they can hawk golfballs that are hooked off the first tee...they're too cheap to buy any new ones and beat all the local kids out of a chance to make a few bucks by monopolizing this prime hawking area and chasing the kids away by telling them it is against the law to loiter here....they won't bother us at all."

Willie was right...they rode right by the cruiser and it was empty...the bulls were ball hawking on the downhill side of the road. Willie now directed Charlton to cross snake hill road, go past the clubhouse and proceed towards the farm colony. On the way they passed a Buddhist temple on lighthouse hill......

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