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Hi Jim,

Tell me please:

1. What was the first T.V. station you remember receiving on your home T.V. set?

2. Besides the Quiz Kids, what other VERY early shows do you remember?

3. If there were no programs being broadcast at a particular hour of the day, WHAT was being broadcast and did you ever watch it?

4. When did you see your first COLOR T.V. program and what was it? Do you remember the acetate sheets that were colored green along the bottom which were attached to T.V. screens and were meant to simulate the green of grass on B&W T.V. screens? (Commonly used when Baseball games were being played).

5. Do you remember rather large oil-filled magnifying glasses that were positioned in front of very small T.V. screens so that more than two or three people could watch a T.V. set at the same time?

6. What do the words, "Less Work for Mother" mean to you? What program did that ditty get sung on?, on what day of the week? and who was the Sponsor?

7. Which came first to T.V. ... Captain Video, Sky King or Howdy Doody?

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