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Yeah, I know it was hard on my mom. She had to fend for her three younger sisters also. She tells me about it every once in awhile, or when I ask.

Grandfather is still here, thank goodness. He is from Naples (no, not Florida)lol

My dad was from P.R. but we didn't know his family much, so I too was raised Italiana.

-DJ (singing: and the beat goes on.... and the beat goes on)

On 9/13/99 2:18:21 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>DJ....WOW! We have another
>wild coincidence going here.
>My Mother's Mom passed on when
>she (my Mom *S*) was just 15
>so I've never met my maternal
>Grandmother. I would have
>loved to though. And, I
>thought of that when I posted
>too! *S* I've often thought
>of her. Very often. I did
>get to know my maternal
>Grandfather a bit though, but
>not well. He passed on when I
>was very young...about 5 or
>so. They were the
>Scandinavian Grandparents.
>I guess that's why I'm much
>more Italianese! *LOL*
>I know my Mother misses her
>Mother terribly. I can't even
>imagine what it was like to be
>a 15 year old girl without
>your Mother.

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