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Same here, I liked his newer stuff as well.

Re: Who would it be... hmmm.
Richard Gere pops into my mind, oh, but that happens all of the time, so I have to disqualify that thought...

I think it would be my grandmother, who I have never met... Connie Manuri. She died when my mother was about 10 or so. I have a whole lot of questions I would like to ask her about the choices and decisions she made in her life.

Actually, I think I probably knew her very well in another life.

She was born in Sicily, lived in NJ first, then NY until I think 1940's then moved to California, lived there for a while and then passed away at a young age. I wonder if she had a happy life there?


On 9/13/99 1:41:11 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>On 9/12/99 9:52:37 PM, Ace328bc wrote:
>>A day...not a long time. I
>>would have chosen John Lennon,
>>but there is too much I would
>>want to know....I will think
>>about this and answer later.
>I look forward to your answer Ace328bc.
>John Lennon is a good one too. Funny
>you should mention him actually. My
>Husband, Son and I were just talking
>about him...ohhhh....yesterday I believe
>it was.
>I liked his new music better, like the
>songs, "Woman" and "Beautiful Boy", and
>my Husband and Son like the old ones
>*shrug* As they say: Different
>Strokes.....for Different Folks! *S*

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