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Ok, I have two things to say here...

First, Harry- EEEEWE. Gross. I know you warned, but you know, it's like a car accident... you have to look.

And second, Margie, would you email me your recipe for pizza dough? I would love to try it with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, and fresh parm. I would greatly appreciate it.


On 9/13/99 12:14:19 PM, Margie wrote:
>What's a poor SI boy to do for
>Pizza in CA?? Come to my
>house!! I make my own.
>I make the crust, starting
>with wheat, not flour. Then
>it's out to the garden for
>large and small tomatoes and
>two or three colors of peppers
>(green, red, yellow). Meat?
>You have to supply that
>yourself as I'm a vegetarian,
>but *MY* pizza is piled high
>and I've never had complaints
>from friends about missing
>meat. Not when there are so
>many other goodies on it, and
>fresh, too.
>So, how many do I set the
>table for tonight?

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