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Well then. He's just a hop, skip and jump away from me- WOOO-HOOOO!

Hey Sabretts, when you get around to the Parks Mall, give me a hollar!

-DJ (singing "It's a small world after all...")

On 9/7/99 2:47:53 PM, Gina wrote:
>YEP! It's true, one of todays
>new users "Sabretts' of
>Arlington, Texas 76001 is
>real life :) We played phone
>tag a couple of times but I
>spoke w/ him a little while
>ago on "land line". He says he
>will be back to visit real
>soon - probably late this
>evening after he's finished
>serving uP LOTS of Sabrett's
>to all them Texas NY Hotdoggie
>Welcome "Sabretts" - hope "U"
>enjoy the rhymes with no
>reason, the post so we know it
>along with the tales in
>history of the best Cyber
>Family on the net - Staten
>I bet as DBLIVIT reads this
>his Hoftopia typing fingers
>will be itching to go into
>motion on this one LOL
>Pssssssssssssttttt! "Sabretts"
>is originally from Smith Town,
>Long Island - that's close
>enuff to Staten Island to
>understan NewYaWkese &
>StatNisland "Slinguage" right?
>Join in and
>~*~*~ Staten Island ~*~*~
>"Home Of The Heart"

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