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After the Brady's Pond posts of last week I did some checking. Somebody mentioned some haunting with regard to it. Here is what I found. The information is from The History of Staten Island by Morris, 1900. Brady's Pond was at one time known as Haunted Swamp. Under the entry in Morris under "Haunted Swamp" is the following "By placing a dam near the Finger Board Road, and with the aid of the railroad embankment, this swamp has been converted into Brady's Pond. It received its name from the robberies and murder committed on its edge, on Roguery Hill."
Of "Roguery Hill" Morris wrote: "A murder was once committed on a small elevation over which the Finger Board Road passes, and which from that circumstance received the name of Roguery Hill, and the road became known as the Roguery Hill Road, until the guide post, showing the road to Richmond, was erected. " Apparently, in addition to the murder, several robberies were committed here.
Interesting, huh?

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