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A Little Bit About Spirituality and Metaphysics

O.k.! I might as well start off right from the get go…by just being honest. They are my PASSION….they are MY LIFE…they’re ME! *S* I have been ~Spiritually~ inclined from the very first moment of this incarnation. There isn’t any facet of it that I don’t pursue ravenously. Under the umbrella of “Spirituality” and “Metaphysics” there are many subtopics. I’ve studied many of them….but I can tell you this for certain. If I haven’t studied it ….and I find out about it…you can bet your boots that I will study it. That’s not to mean that I think I will uncover anything “new” ….for in my Philosophy everything is the same…at the root. EVERYTHING! That means every “thing”…and every “body”. Sure, we all come in different packages, and we all appear to walk different paths….but the bottom line to it all is that they all go to the same destination. Now, what you might ask IS that destination? Well, some call it GOD, some call it THE LIFE FORCE, some call it the SOURCE. It’s all the same to me and I could (and have) easily used them all. It doesn’t matter to me whether someone listens to the words of Jesus, Buddah, Lao Tsu, or a whole host of other posibilites…the message is the same. It’s LOVE! Not one of those Master Teachers has ever taught anything…but LOVE. No matter how you try to twist it or turn it….it all winds down to LOVE.

Eastern Philosophies will say: “A”, Western Philosophies will say: “B”, Conservatives will say: “C” and Liberals will say: “D”……but if you look past the specifics of the message…..the ~Essence~ is always the same…’s LOVE.

So! That’s why my Web Site is named The Journey Inward to ~*Heart and Soul*~. While we are in physical form right now, and it appears that we can’t totally escape that boundary…we really can. *S* All we have to do in look INWARD. The answer to all of the questions that we’ve EVER HAD, and ever WILL HAVE, are right there inside of us. They always were.

And…once we get inside…what are we??? We’re ~Spirit~ of course! *S* BUT…where is our ~Spirit~? *S* Without a doubt it is located within our ~*Heart and Soul*~!!!!

I usually don’t like to quote one person solely in a dissertation like this, as I’m always afraid that it will put off those that do not study the Teachings of that person, but since I was born and raised a Catholic, and teach that religion as well, I know the works of Jesus Christ the best! *S* As I’m sure you can tell from my web site, and as I’ve said, I do study them all…..I guess I’m just “more” knowledgeable in my “root” connection. I hope you will understand that and not be put off here because my whole reason for giving birth to The Journey Inward To ~*Heart and Soul*~ is to {{{{Gather}}}} Together….not divide!!!

At any rate, as I was starting to say, when one goes INWARD…to seek the answers to their questions… is the ~*Heart and Soul*~ at which they land. (Here’s where the quote comes in! *LOL* Jesus Christ was asked: And where Master is Your “Kingdom”??? And he replied: My kingdom is not of this world. That’s because his “Kingdom” …was the ~*Heart and Soul*~. You can’t find it on a map…and no one can take you there….at least not directly.

It’s a Journey that we all walk alone, even if we don’t realize it.

What we do “do” for one another though is lend support. We lend support by allowing a bit of OUR ~Light~ …to keep the path lit should someone walk behind us.

I have been blessed enough to come upon the Light of others to help me find THE WAY…..

I hope that I can now reciprocate those gifts by leaving (I hope *S*) a bit of my ~Light~ here with You!

May your Journey be Blessed and Fruitful

Love & Light~*


P.s. I know that many of you do know, but for those of you that don't "~*Moonlady*~" is my Professional name and Nick as an Astrologer.

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