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I'm certainly not Jesus *S*...but I can tell you why I think we're so stupid. It all boils down to one word: Love. The majority of humanity does not have a clue about what Unconditional Love is. They're self-possessed. They think they're self-contained. SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE for them all. As it has been written..."No man is an Island (ironic choice of words in lieu of this being the Staten "Island" Web Site.) entire to himself. WE ARE ONE! We have always been ONE! We may look as though we are MANY....but we are ONE. We're just different pieces of the ONE picture...sort of like a puzzle.

The edges are nothing without the middle pieces...and the same holds true for the middle pieces.

If people would only Believe and put a little Faith in their ~*Heart and Soul*~....the Universe would be such a different place.

Strangely enough, my Family and I went to see the movie Stigmata yesterday, and WOW! What an experience for me. Just yesterday I had written a dissertation for my Web Site...and by and said the SAME thing the movie said.

I wrote it just before we went out and I haven't even uploaded it to my Site yet...but I think I'll post it here...since we both chose Jesus. *S*

You'll understand what I mean when ....or read it.

It's probably I'll be right back to post it.

Please forgive any mis~spellings or grammatical errors. In time, I will correct whatever ones there are, but for the time being...I didn't want to second guess what I wrote or tamper with the message.

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