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Yeah, actually after thinking about it, I disagree with me, too. It's too complicated to explain in a few paragraphs. But I still claim it's not as dangerous as some scare tactic people would have you think.

Donna also made a good point about accepting exes. I had been talking about people controlling your computer's e-mail (interface with the outside world). What she brought up was a virus. While that's not what I had in mind, Happiness and others like it did append an attachment to your outgoing e-mails without your knowledge. The fine point being it had inserted the file it was extracting, so it already had 'permission'. But this is getting complicated and not a finite explanation.

I guess the thing that bugs me is I'm constantly bombarded through E-mails and postings about this thing and that by well-meaning people that neither understand what can and can't happen nor have taken the trouble to research it at sites like McAfee &/or Norton or the source like the M&M example. Like the Y2K 2 digit thing in Microsoft's date/time set-up that I've read or received countless times. It's phoney! Windows tracks 4 digits regardless of what you've selected to view on your readout. Check out Microsoft's site for the truth. (But yes, there really are some valid Y2K issues, however, I doubt if any home PC with Win98 or even 95 and relatively new other programs will have much problem with it).

Or my favorite from a few years ago. Watch out - there's a virus that increases the power to your monitor so much the screen will explode in your face. Yeah, right. That can't happen. It's against the laws of physics, not to mention mixing apples and oranges. But I knew people that refused to sit in front of a computer because of that phoney warning.

Oh, well I've drawn this thing out long enough. I think DJ, that if we actually talked we'd probably agree more than not. I just can't explain it all in a few paragraphs.

Happy Sunday to all.

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