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I beg to differ, but would rather not get into it, as I spend enough time debating these topics Monday through Friday! (vbg)

I did catch your joke (hee, hee, hee)it was cute, sorry I forgot to mention it.


On 9/12/99 12:19:56 AM, CharlieJ wrote:
>Lemme' rephrase what I said.
>They can't unless you accept
>an exe that directs it. The
>big caveat is never accept an
>exe file from anyone you don't
>DJ's example involves people
>sending this info in an
>unsecure mode. i.e. the user
>did it himself.
>Outsider's can't get in to
>extract this info unless you
>let them (opening an exe
>received in e-mail).
>There's two other things that
>potentially put you at risk,
>but so far they're safe.
>Java and Active-x.
>Netscape and Unix have gone to
>a lot of trouble to make Java
>safe and so far they've stayed
>ahead of the gremlins (I won't
>get into how). So far.
>Active-x was a risk, but
>microsoft has just issued a
>fix on that.
>The unfortunate thing about
>both of these is that the
>fixes reduce the capability of
>these cross platform programs.
>They can both tell your
>computer to do things, but
>they can not tell your
>computer to transmit things
>via e-mail without your OK.
>That requires an exe program
>and if you never accept an exe
>from a stranger you'll be OK.
>There's too much of this
>uncalled for scare stuff being
>put out. It just ain't that
>easy. YOU have the control. As
>long as you don't accept exe's
>from strangers or allow
>someone to sit at your
>computer who may implant
>something (or implant it
>through an LAN) you're OK. If
>your computer is exposed
>either through an LAN or at
>risk of a bad guy sitting at
>it while you're elsewhere -
>use passwords and change
>Oh yeah, if you use Microsoft
>Outlook (not Outlook Express -
>it can't do it without your
>OK) turn off the automatic
>opening of executable (exe)
>All mail programs can open
>graphics and that's OK. They
>can't hurt you.
>For what it's worth, I think
>AOL users used to be at risk,
>because AOL used to be
>essentially a great big LAN.
>But I'm told they fixed that.
>I don't know for sure (either
>about the earlier risk or the
>fix), because I'm not an AOL
>And for all those folks afraid
>of them, COOKIES can't do it
>Gee, nobody caught my joke at
>the end of my original post

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