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I may be out on a limb here, but here it goes....

I was wondering if this song "Heart and Soul" is the same song that was sung on the tv show "Ellen".

I just happened to catch the episode the other day where they were singing the song.
If anyone watches (on Lifetime 3:30 central time), or watched that show (back when ABC had a backbone), it was the episode where Paige was getting married. Ellen and Peter sang the song while Paige decided if she was going to go through with the ceremony or not.

Ok.. somebody remember this and don't leave me hanging! (lol, "wink", "wink")


On 9/11/99 10:44:36 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Well, I'm still hunting. I
>haven't found a copy of the
>song .......
>......yet! But I'll keep
>I will keep you posted on my
>progress though.
>Thank You so much for your
>very kind offer Mim! You are
>one sweet and generous person!
>Love & Light~*

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