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I think I have the answers. You'll have to let me know if I am right. Whew, this had me scratching my head... but here it goes.

1. Edgar Jackson, eating in class, M. Anila (problem didn't specify Mr. or Ms.)
2. Ike Shultz, talking in class, Mr. Kelly
3. Mary Castro, chewing gum, Ms. Wells
4. Hal Barnes, running in hall, Mr. Rhodes
5. Shawna Mays, tardiness, Ms. Unger

If you want to know, I can email you on how I figured it out.


On 9/10/99 12:16:43 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Here's a Brain Teaser that I
>got from Friends. I don't
>however have the official
>answer and won't get it until
>next week some time *LOL*
>I'm warning you in advance
>just in case you do it and the
>waiting for confirmation
>drives you crazy. *S*
>Yesterday was troublesome for
>three boys (Edgar, Hal, and
>Ike) and two
>girls (Mary and Shawna). The
>students were required to
>speak to teachers
>for breaking some school rules
>(tardiness, gum chewing,
>talking, eating in
>the classroom, running in the
>halls). The students' last
>names are
>Barnes, Castro, Jackson, Mays,
>and Schultz. The teachers are
>Anila, Kelly,
>Rhodes, Unger, and Wells. Can
>you match each student's full
>name with the
>rule violation and the teacher
>he or she spoke with?
>Here are the facts:
>1: By noon, Mr. Kelly had
>spoken to a student about
>talking in class.
>2: Shawna (who isn't Castro)
>spoke with Ms. Unger.
>3: Hal (who wasn't questioned
>about tardiness) didn't talk
>to a teacher
>until after 1 P.M.
>4: Barnes (who isn't Edgar)
>reported to Mr. Rhodes' room.
>5: Edgar (who isn't Schultz)
>discussed eating in the
>6: Ms. Wells listened to
>Mary's side of the story.
>7: The two girls are Castro
>and Mays.
>8: The gum chewing incident
>was not discussed by Mr.
>Rhodes or Ms. Unger.
>Can you match each student's
>full name with the rule
>violation and the
>teacher he or she spoke with?

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