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Touching my stuff!
That's just horrible. Don't touch my stuff until I am done. Do you know the worst thing that my husband does, and he thinks it's so funny... if I don't finish my entire glass of drink (water, soda, whatever)right away, he feels that leaves it available for him. OMG that makes me so mad.

Using the same spoon to taste test???
Absolutely. That is not only morally wrong (lol) but it is also a health code violation.

To make matters worse, have you ever seen the show Justin Wilson Louisiana cooking? Well its this big old Creole guy from Louisiana. He makes me totally ill. If you have ever seen the show, you know that in every episode he has to wipe his nose or blow his nose. He uses a hankercheif which in itself is disgusting, but after blowing his shnoz he doesn't even wash his hands. He just continues on with the food prep. Hold on I am getting nauseous.

Want to talk about cleanliness? When ever we have a pot luck at work, I won't join in. I won't eat anything from someone else's kitchen unless I know how clean they keep their home. Sorry. That's a rule that is not allowed to be broken. And, since I can't personally make a kitchen inspection prior to the pot luck, it's a no go for me.

Why does everyone insist on MAYO AND MUSTARD?
I have this problem all of the time. Especially at fast food places. And I always say to my husband, "well what if I was allergic to mustard or mayo, then what? They could kill me with this crap"
They put mustard and/or mayo on everything down here. I can't leave the drive thru unless I check my order first.

Oh, something else, I hate nuts on food. I like nuts, don't get me wrong, its just that I don't want them sprinkled on anything! McDonalds always gets this wrong. I order a strawberry sunday and they insist it has to have nuts on it.

Abuse in the workplace? PUH-LEESE

I have seen worse, back in my days of waiting on tables!

How about people that chew with their mouth open, or worse belch at the dinner table?!!

OOOh, you got me all riled up this morning!


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