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DJ....I don't have to finish each item first either...but more often than not....I do.

Now, talk about "containment". If you REALLY want my blood to boil....lets talk about it from the bottom up. Yes! I agree with you whole heartedly. I don't like my stuff mixed....I mean...touching other stuff....but what's WORSE than that is when people lick, taste or touch MY food with their fingers. EGADS is that creepy.

You have no idea how I cringe when I see a TV show with people making a pot of sauce and when they want to taste it...instead of getting a clean spoon and tasting it THAT way....they use the spoon that they were using to stir it with...


Not THAT is gross to me.

I may "call out" for food often *LOL*...but sheesh! When I do cook...I do it with cleanliness.

My wants (in the food department) are not extravagant...but I do expect cleanliness.

You know how I hate mustard and mayonnaise right? time we went to a Diner and I specifically told the waitress NOT to put the !@#@# on my food. Guess what? The food arrives...and mine has it on it anyway. Soooo....I complained to my husband. *S* What's his answer? He said: Give it to me...I'll scrape it off! I said: What are you NUTS! It touched my food. (It was a hamburger btw.) I said: Uh Uh! I don't want it anymore.
So he said: I'm going to pay all of this money for something that you're not even going to eat now? And I said NOPE! I'm calling the waitress, I'm going to nicely point out the error of her ways...and then tell her to get it the heck out of here.

Sure enough, the waitress comes over and says: Is everything alright here? Do you want anything else? So I said: No. I'm afraid everything is NOT alright here. I specified that I did NOT want mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on my hamburger...and it came with it anyway.

My family was now just about under the table! *S*

Anyway....She didn't skip a bit...she just swung her head and her pony tail and said: O.k.! I'll tell them to take it off in the kitchen. So I said: Thank You anyway...but I no longer want it.

She looked at me like I came from outer space!

She said: NOTHING? You don't want ANYTHING? I said: Yep! That's what I said.

Soooooooooo My husband than says: You're a piece of work. Why can't you just let them scrape it off? And I said: #1) I did not order my meal that way and in fact I SPECIFIED that I did not want it that way and #2) It made me ill to even look at it.

So my husband said: For cryin out loud, why don't you ask them to make you a new one...and I said: Because I don't trust them. Either they'll SAY they scraped it off...and not...or they'll spit on my new own.

As horrible as it sounds....I've heard that when people who work in retaurants feel they are being "abused"...that's what they do.

Funny, but I don't think being asked to do your job PROPERLY counts as abuse....but either way...I wasn't going to eat it.

What if I had asked to have something left off my meal that was not as visible and that I was allergic to? No one thinks about THAT though do they?

I know. That wasn't my situation....but I still think that I'm entitled to eat the food that goes into my body...MY WAY...

and I also think that people in the work general...ought to be more concerned with doing their jobs properly.

What ever happened to integrity in the work force?

In my estimation if you don't serve others with accountability and integrity....than you can't really be showing it anywhere else.

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