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Dadoo...Yep! I too eat my favorite thing last ...and I always say that it's like it's my dessert! *LOL* I drove my Mother crazy when I was younger because I didn't want one item to "touch" another. My brother would say: You're a wack...because it all gets mixed together inside anyway. And I would say the same thing all the time too. I would say: Au Contrare! The taking in of food is more than just breaking it down into smaller pieces. It's a chemical thing.

*hands on hips*

I didn't want it THEN and I still don't want my "chemicals" mixed that way!

You're right though about the bread. I'm the same way with that. I can eat it any time.....although...I rarely eat it. If I do...then THAT'S my meal.

I've gone on the TWO bagel a day diet before...and it's not bad! It's not all.

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