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Well, kind of. I don't have to finish one item before I move onto another. I just don't mix foods.

Mainly, I prefer separate containment! I think if you use one spoon for serving an item, you should not use it to serve me a different item. Nor, should saucy foods touch dry foods. That is total contamination.
In some cases, the best thing to do is to throw it all away and start again.

I have seen people mix foods to the point of no recognition. What's up with that? That's total perversion.

Also, if you have a favorite food, do you save it for last or do you grab it first? I say save it for last. Yep. This way it's the last thing your taste buds remember before you run and brush your teeth.

Here's another one. You have to consider food combinations. Certain foods just do not belong together. I think there is a law or something that addresses this one.


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