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Abbott and Costello are the best, next to Lucille Ball.

Also love Chris Farley.

My apologies. I just had to say something!lol. I have been quiet all day.


On 9/9/99 4:46:50 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>JB...I'm back....and I found
>out a bit about Hoagy
>Carmichael. Actually, to be
>totally honest, I spelled
>Hoagy with an "ie" at first
>and instead of getting the
>actor...I got a long saga
>about the "food" item known as
>a "Hogie". The article was
>all about how Long Island was
>once called "Hog Island".
>Pretty interesting if you
>don't come from Long Island!
>Anway.....I still haven't
>un~earthed the ~*Heart and
>Soul*~ connection....but this
>is what I have un~covered:
>Hoagy Carmichael appeared in,
>or contributed to the
>following movies:
>Abbott & Costello: Live From
>the Colgate Comedy Hour, Vol.
>2 , Star
>Hollywood Rhythm: The
>Paramount Musical
>Shorts 1929-1941, V. 1 - Radio
>Rhythms , Star
>Canyon Passage , Star
>Johnny Angel 1945, Star
>To Have and Have Not 1945,
>The Best Years of Our Lives
>1946, Star
>Young Man With a Horn 1950,

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