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I'm not taking any sides in this, just clarifying one of the facts. After JFK Jr died, A&E or PBS, I'm not sure which, reran a multi-part series on the Kennedy family, starting with Joe Sr and ending with the current generation. When it came to JFK, there was a discussion on appointing Bobby AG and how JFK opposed it vehemently. However, Joe Sr decided that it had to be, so it was. It was soon after that Joe Sr had his stroke and with it lost most of his influence on how the country was to be run.

On Teddy. I am the first to admit that in the past his morals and character were the pits. But, as someone who lived in Boston for several years and now lives out of Mass., but on the border, he has been a damn good senator. No matter what his moral character, he has always worked very hard for the people of his state, especially the middle class and poorer people. It's the reason he's been re-elected so many times. Even with the Kennedy name, and sometimes despite the name, he wouldn't have been re-elected if he didn't work as hard for the people as he does.


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