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Hi Gina,

I was looking through a PC magazine, I think PC Weekly (??) and saw an add for Crossline computers. You may want to check this site out...

They advertise a Voyager V computer for a little over $300.00. May be worth checking into since yours is under the weather. (I can't even build one myself for this price.)

The computer they are advertising for $ 318
CYRIX MII -333 Processor
32MB SDRAM Memory
4.3GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
3D 8MB Video Graphics
40X CD-ROM Drive
3D Stereo Sound
56K v.90 Voice Fax Modem
1.44MB Floppy Drive
Multimedia Stereo Speakers
Mini Tower Case
104 Keyboard, Microphone & Mouse
3 Year Limited Warranty


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