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OK, Patos
Ya' rung my bell. Don't take this as a attack on you. I've read a lot of your posts and think you must OK, but I gotta' put in my two cents.
Although I admit some things the Kennedy's did were good (so probably some things the Clintons did were too), please don't try and sell me on JFK not being 'serviced' in the White House or some of the other Kennedy's elsewhere. They have an earned reputation.
We're talking about a family who originally made their wealth through illegal or questionable activities.
When JFK was first elected in 1960, I was too young to vote by less than a month (you had to be 21 then to vote). I was in the military and I was not happy with his election. To this day there is some question as to how many dead people in Illinois (Cook County - Daly's stronghold) voted and gave him all those electoral votes. As a matter of fact some counts actually have him losing the popular vote, although he still would have won the electoral college (another reason to eliminate that archaic institution). However as time went by, as a military man, I began to appreciate JFK, especially when he forced the USSR to back down when they had loaded Cuba with missiles aimed at the US. I was horrified when JFK, RFK and MLK were assassinated. Just as I was when assassination attempts were made on other leaders like Ford and Reagan. This is not the way to settle political disputes. Not in my country. That's not what I gave 20 years of my life to defend.
But back to my main point. RFK was made JFK's Attorney General. He'd never even tried a case in court. Smacks of nepotism. But OK, I shouldn't comment on that. My step-son works under me in the same company. Despite the fact he's the best technician we have and the best we could find, we had to navigate around the same issue. So maybe RFK was the best choice for AG. I'll concede that, but it's still suspicious. Was he the best Senator for NY. I don't think so. Same problems I have in seeing Hillary in that job. No real knowledge of NY and it's problems. RFK's stint as a Senator from NY was nothing more than a convenient stepping stone to a run for the presidency. There was no permanency in any service to New Yorkers ever intended.
Now staying with the same family and their 'service'. How about little brother (we'll cross that bridge when we get to it) Ted. As far as I'm concerned he's one of the biggest, if not the biggest sleezeball to ever be a Senator. To me he's either guilty of manslaughter or is one of the world's great cowards. Maybe even got away with murder. But the whole thing got whitewashed with money.
As I said, a few of them did a few good things for the country, but the family as a whole being honorable? I won't buy it.

Now my favorite liberal attorney, rs, is gonna' nail me to the wall. And I guarantee, he will have some good points, that I won't be able to refute. But I still have my hard-headed opinion on this.


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