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Harry....that has long been a topic of both Philosophical and Spiritual debate. I believe that my Dad once told me that in Italy (or parts of it) they "count" the 9 months when telling ones age.

I will tell you this much....In Spiritual Astrologically (which is different from Pyschological or Mundane Astrology) the Pre-Natal Lunar and Solar Eclipses (Eclipsi? *LOL*) that occured before every birth are studied with great interest!

The following is also true: That which happens "in the womb" in seen in EVERY birth chart. It is the last "house" in the chart...the House of ~Spirit~. It's also known as "the House of Confinement" (such as in the womb). It's the 12th House and final House in a chart...and has an affinity to Pisces...and it IS very important. However...while what happened to us pre-natally is without a doubt important...that first "breath" we take on our own is important too...and so....while the 12th House is studied earnestly... that which is shown by the 1st House....which is determined by the "first breath" also of MAJOR importance.

Spiritually speaking the idea is that REGARDLESS of what ones initial (12th House) experience was.....ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can be ~transcended~!

I agree!

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