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Here's something appropriate that the memory just dredged up:

I'm feelin' mighty low.

--My name is Mister Quick and mister, let me be precise.
You've lost your pep, you're out of step, so here is my

What'll I do, Mister Quick?

--Here's what you do, Little Nick:
Just stop in at your nearest Nedick's store.

What'll I buy?

--A big delicious glass of Nedick's tasty orange drink.
Its cool refreshing flavor you'll adore!

Tell me more!
What does it cost, Mister Quick?

--Only a nickel, Little Nick.
A glass will help to keep you in the pink.
For vigor and vim and zip
It's a pleasure to take a sip
Of a cool Nedick's orange drink.


Are they there any more?

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