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That's too cool! I am placing an order as soon as I finish reading through this post!!!!

About the guy in Fort Worth (which btw is about a 20 minute drive from me)I have had a dawg from him before!!! Last time we were down at Sundance Square ( he wasn't there, so we figured he packed up and moved on!

Thanks for the links! I will use them for good, not evil.... roflol

BTW, I just finished making a big pot of sauce w/ meatballs if anyone wants to stop by for dinner :)


On 9/5/99 1:10:22 AM, Gina wrote:
>If NY hot doggies ain't enuff
>fer ya check this out:
>Did I hear someone say they
>always wanted to be a Sabrett
>Hot Dog Vendor:
>Sabrett Lands in
>Texas........YO! DJ - your
>wish come true.
>~*~Donna~*~ don't fret I'm
>still lookin for hot dogs &
>peanut butter w/ yogurt
>topping ROFLMAO...
>~*~*~ Staten Island ~*~*~
>"Home Of The Heart"

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