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On 9/4/99 11:00:53 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>I told her if she does nothing
>else on her trip, she should
>stop at the distributor on SI
>and pick up a case of Sabaret
>hot dogs!
-g I'm tellin ya DJ...So. Fla. is your next home LOL - My Dad was determined to find good hot dogs when he moved here in 1980 so he headed for the Sabrett hot dog the info. he needed and went to the distributor...bought 20 lbs of #9's at a time LOL...YIKES! We used to crack uP when he'd arrive home with them and divide them uP into neat packages of 10-20 dogs per pak...the 10's were for lunch w/ my kids and the 20's were for picnicking time but never on the grill...they had to be slowly buried in a pot of sauerkraut (also from Sabrett) and steamed till perfect in Dad's special way - Boy do I miss him...thank God Mom is in wonderful health and lives within walking distance whewwwwwww she's a sweetie :) Since August 91 we hear Dad's buying his Sabrett's with "good soul" coins on the corner of Cloud & Sky in the town of Heaven - he was the best :) sniffle, sniffle...BUT anyWho he loved them Sabretts.

BTW he didn't keep all those neat little packages to himself...he delivered most of the to NewYaWkers who lived in the neighborhood so they could join in the great taste.

>I talked about making the SI
>reunion picnic with my husband
>and he sounds excited about
>it. So I have started saving
>my pennies ...
I sure hope you're able to make it DJ & hubby. I think it's about time THE STATEN ISLAND WEB MEMBERS had a few of their own tables :))....bookem Dan-O We could make it a GREAT "Right Coast" Gathering weekend ... C'mon folks get those plans in motion to be in Ft. Lauderdale about the 3rd week in March...picnic is tentatively scheduled for the 3rd Thursday starting at 8 am and partying on till the weeeeee hours...over 300 attended last year and the year before lets make The Millennium a HUGE PARTY PICNIC DAY...


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