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On 9/3/99 7:50:32 AM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>doing what you did at a time
>when you were feeling down was
>exactly what I was thinking.
>What a SPECIAL and sweet
>person you are!
>Gina my Friend...It's so great
>to see you back again!
>There's just ONE thing I have to say:
>TEA???? You're a TEA drinker?

What would "U" expect from a English/Argentine/Italian (by x-injection) LOL - But OF course one would expect the followed & "the dunking" of egg biscuits, anisette biscuits or Italian bread toast to start the morning...A spot of tea w/ a side of rasberry filled crumpets mid-day...and that dynOmite "good for the mind, body & soul" Yerba Maté - served traditionally in a maté (pronounced "mah'tay") decorated with silver & bombilla (pronounced bomb-bee'-ja) silver filtering straw to extract the nutrients from the tea...and always shared w/ family & friends.

Think that covers it all ROFL


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