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There ya' go making me hungry and home sick again.

My brother put my mother on a plane this morning headed to NY/NJ for a couple of days.

I told her if she does nothing else on her trip, she should stop at the distributor on SI and pick up a case of Sabaret hot dogs! LOL. She said she would see if she could pull herself away from Atlantic City long enough to do that!

We get Boar's Head and WonderBread now too. They are only carried at Tom Thumb here (a local chain). I stumbled upon Drakes Cakes there too and almost passed out! I love Devil Dogs. I pick them up every once in a while. The other thing I found was Gabilla's Coney island Knishes. They are frozen, but heated in the oven, taste exactly like the ones they sell in the city.

I talked about making the SI reunion picnic with my husband and he sounds excited about it. So I have started saving my pennies ...


On 9/4/99 3:10:13 AM, Gina wrote:
>No Salada, No My-T-Fine, No
>Nunzio's :(
>Some of the SI Bacci's opened
>a good Italian Restaurant &
>pizza parlor here in Boca
>several year back. It's not
>SI's taste but pretty damned
>close - even their "gourmet
>pizza" are well worth the
>price :)
>AND we do have plenty DJ's
>favorites, Wise Potato Chips
>:)) Stores even carry Boars
>Head & Wonder Bread these days
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