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Mimi I've been here over 20 years and only found My-T-Fine one time about 8 years ago in a smaller grocery store that was having it's grand opening week. They only had about 10 boxes. I asked the clerk when they would be getting more in and he said probably never. He said they had moved their store down from 86th Street in Bklyn. and the My-T-Fine came with them and the distributor they used here didn't stock it...I bought all 10 boxes LOL

Several times I've asked Publix, Albertsons & Winn Dixie managers to order it, they said the same thing :( Seems they all carry the Royal Pudding line here - which doesn't even come close to My-T-Fine so we pass on the pudding till we can get some of our favorite & the best mmmmmmmmm so good.

Salada tea Publix carried only in the month of December up until a few years they don't get it in at all :(
Haven't a clue why these two products aren't regularly stocked here.

Then again maybe it's meant to be that way so my family doesn't OD too often ROFL

OD in this case means Over Dessert :)

The pizza taste buds getting taken care of fine...I make my own :) and they love it but still moan & groan about wanting Nunzio's - our first stop when we visit "The Island" Oh sooooo good for as many years as I can remember (shhhhh we won't put a # to those years LOL).

Mim made our day for sure as did Connie Chorman when we were out in California for "The Gathering" weekend, just about this time last year - as she carried a care package off the plane containing Oldtimers Crumb Buns, Salada & My-T-Fine...we all got a tickle out of her coming cross country to deliver such "memory treats" and be united with her childhood buddy, Oldtimer - what a wonderful gathering it was on the "Left Coast"

Psssssssstttt we did cook it your sons way, I made it in the micro LOL - too anxious to enjoy, couldn't wait for the slow cook way. It was GREAT.


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