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*Giving myself a great big pat on the back* *LOL*

Will ya look at that! I just KNEW you had to have prominent Gemini...and so you do! BTW...In case you didn't know it....

You're Gemini Rising! *S* AND....My South Node is EXACTLY conjunct (at the same point as) your Ascendant. That is a VERY potent connection. In Synastry (which is the comparing of one chart to another) a South Node aspect denotes a Past Life connection! *S*

And while I've got you...WOO HOO! Your "Sun" is in your 8th House and since you told me that your Husband is also a all likelihood his is too!

I'll just say WOO HOO and leave it at that! *LOL*

If you knew what the 8th House'd know what I meant. *S*

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