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Old Tymer glanced back at the Captain. "Oh Good Golly Miss Molly", she said to herself. This man sure is one who I know but he does not know me in this stinking outfit. I guess I will have to admit who I am. "Dad,it's me", she said, "Under all of these wrinkles."
"Well a fine thing, after all these years, showing up in Bayonne and looking like something the cat dragged in. What in tarnation are you doing over here?"
"Dad it is a long story and one that is crazy," she said."If you really want to understand the whole thing,I want you to go to a computer and look up the Staten Island Web, and Gina's site and read the Hoftopia Chronicles, it is too long a story to repeat here. I am in a mess and must get back to the Horman's Castle where I am now living as the Queen Mum"
Well Captain Brown never was too surprised at anything this daughter of his pulled. She was a great challenge to his wife and always in and out of some scrape,but how on earth was she able to pass herself off as Queen Mum?? He also wondered where Fred her brother had gotten himself into? The last he had heard Bob, who went by the alias, Fred or Merlin the Magician, was with her and camping out in a cave trying to get back to nature. He washed his hands of the both of them. Back to nature indeed. Well that was a long time ago for sure. Now she claims she is living in a castle. If this is so why the terrible condition of her clothes.
Old Tymer asked if there was any place she could get cleaned up. He showed her to a small cabin area with a sink and cold water. She would have to make do. She could not possibly be seen as she was.
The Captain only used Ivory Soap. It did not make a very good lather in the cold water but it was better than nothing. Now for some hot coffee. She had noticed a pot on a small table out in the cabin. The cup looked like it had not been washed in a month of Sundays. Any port in a storm they say, and she poured a steaming cup and sat down and tried to plan what to do next, as the little boat headed into a berth on good old Staten Island.s

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