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Yep! It's the same thing here. Both the people in King Chef and the people in Lucia's know me very well. The funniest thing with it all happened about 2 weeks ago. My Father-In-Law is really sick so my Husband went out to New Jersey to be with his Mom. He also took our Daughter. I couldn't go because I had to work, and so did my son. Well, I had finished my work but my son didn't so I was all alone. My Mother is always all alone since my Dad passed on *sad face* so I decided to go around the corner (Yes! She lives around the corner) and eat with HER! Well, she and I decided to call Lucia's. Oh Man! I had to chuckle when the girl took the order. I gave the order just as I always do...and then when she said "Number please" I gave my Mother's! (Of course!) *LOL* I just KNOW the girl had a puzzled look on her face. I could FEEL it. Anyway, when the guy finally delivered the pizza I went to the door and he said: AH HA! It IS you! *LOL* I said: Yep! It's me! I'm at my Mom's. And he said: You know, we thought it was ____________ (my address) but when you gave a different address we were confused! *LOL*

Re the General Tso's Chicken: YES! It's VERY good...but don't ask me what's in it and most important of all if you find out...don't TELL me either. I'm very funny about food (as you now well know *S*) and it took me about 38 of my 44 years to finally warm up to Chinese food. I don't wanna chance rocking the boat by knowing what's in it. *LOL*

I never thought I'd say it...but you know.....sometimes ignorance IS bliss!

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